PRABA Natural Cold and Flu Remedy


All natural ingredients wrapped in a neck wrap to relieve you of cold and flu symptoms such as stuffy nose, congestion, fever, cough, phlegm production, inflammation of mucous membranes, bronchitis and sinusitis symptoms. No oral medicine and it works through inhalation only!
Forget those chemicals and medicines that make you groggy and taste gross. With our innovative product no need for all that, just take our all natural mixture, place in the neck wrap and fasten around your neck. Alternatively, place on or under your pillow, breath in and feel the effects.
I have used this remedy on myself, my children (under 3 ) years and I find this is the most effective method that allows my children to breath and sleep away the cold or flu. I have handed this remedy out as samples to my friends and they cannot stop raving about it. All parents need this in their medicine cabinet.
Prevention can only be so far, once viruses make it in our homes, our product can make your life a lot easier.


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