Pick-Ease, LLC


As a mom of two boys (3 & 4) and the proud owner of a home daycare, I have come across countless picky eaters. Studies even show that by the age of two, half of children in the US are considered picky eaters by their parents. In my experience, I’ve found that children are more likely to eat food if it’s served on a toothpick. Traditional toothpicks, however, can be dangerous in the hands of young children. Instead, I created a safer alternative—Pick-Ease. Pick-Ease is a utensil specially designed for children who are picky eaters. From its fun, rounded top with cartoon designs to its easy-to-grip, chunky handle, it fits perfectly in any child’s hand. Pick-Ease also works with all different types of food. You can use it on your child’s favorite foods or even to introduce new foods! It’s an ideal tool for the pickiest of eaters, but provides a fun eating experience for all children. Pick-Ease is BPA free, dishwasher safe and made in the USA!


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