Pick-Ease, LLC


Introducing a unique new eating utensil for children who are considered to be picky eaters – Pick-Ease! As an early childhood educator, I’ve come across countless picky eaters. In fact, studies show that by the age of two, 50% of children in the US are considered to be picky eaters by their parents. In my experience, the one thing that seems to work with the majority of these children, is serving them their food on toothpicks, which is super fun but obviously pretty dangerous. Pick-Ease was designed in a way that take the dangers out of handing a young child a traditional toothpick.From it’s fun rounded top with cartoon designs, to it’s easy to grip, chunky handle, Pick-Ease fits perfectly in any child’s hand. Although Pick-Ease was created with picky eaters in mind, it’s also a great way to help build fine motor skills, making it the perfect transitional tool for children who are new to self-feeding, as well as anyone with sensory disorders. BPA Free, Dishwasher Sade, Made in the US!


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