How to Be Patient While Waiting to Conceive


Add a little bit of body text (2)You have come down with an illness and it’s called baby fever. You cannot imagine anyone wanting a baby as badly as you do.

You are ready to have your first, second, third, or forth child. You have planned for this moment. You have been to the doctor, taken your prenatal vitamins, and are no longer using contraception. When the first month passes by with no baby you are not surprised, but still disappointed. Then a second month passes by and you start to feel impatient. You start checking the ovulation apps on your phone every hour and you are scheduling in so many ‘sexy times’ on the calendar that your husband feels like he won the lottery.

You start to get that lump in your throat every time you pass a mom or pregnant women in the grocery store. You worry that something is wrong with you and wonder if you will be able to get pregnant at all? The worry is turning into anxiety and the waiting game is starting to consume your life.

What do you do now? How do you remain patient?

1. Change the way you are thinking. We become impatient when we put time-frames on situations in our life that we have no control over. If you are the type of person who likes to plan, stay organized, and be in control, then staying patient can be difficult. Many women today are used to working hard to achieve their career and personal goals, and they expect to reap the benefits of those rewards in a timely fashion. We have to remember, that although we are not in control of when we will get pregnant, we are in control of our thoughts. We can choose to turn negative thinking into positive thinking. If your current night stand is filled with books about pregnancy, then I recommend putting them aside for a month or two and reading something uplifting and encouraging that will inspire you.


  1. Nice epistle, wish that those yet to conceive would take time note and apply the points mentioned. They should equally realize that delay in conceiving is not GOD’S denial. They should patiently wait for their Samuel to arrive.


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