Parents Tips for Cooking with Children


Talk About the Process

Talk to your child about how things cook. There’s a science to the process and, while things are cooking, he might want to know about how it’s happening. If you have an oven light, use it to let him see what’s happening inside. You can talk about this as you mix things as well, and give him a reason to watch instead of do.

Don’t Forget the Cleanup!

Parents should also teach their kids the first steps to cleaning. Let him help you with the cleanup process after you eat. Include it as part of cooking and, as you take apart any machinery (blenders, mixers, etc) to clean, you can show him the parts and explain why they are dangerous. Give him the things that are safe for him to touch to dry and put away in places that he can reach. You’ll enjoy having help and he will enjoy being included.

Make a Game Out of It

As with almost any kind of chore that your child doesn’t want to do, if these things seem boring to him but he still wants to be involved, parents can easily make it into a game. Use music, points, or some other way of measuring proficiency to give him a reason to want to compete. In the end, if none of this works to stop him from trying to touch the stove, you can always fall back on that whole dragon fire thing.




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