Parents Tips for Cooking with Children


parents children cookYour child always wants to help and when you’re in the kitchen, that can get a little tricky. As parents, you want to keep your child occupied and teach him new skills, but you also don’t want him to burn off his fingers if he gets too close to the stove. You don’t have to make up stories about the burners being made of dragon fire to keep him away. All he really wants is to be a part of what you’re doing. Help him understand the process and he’ll have much less of an urge to see if you were telling the truth about that dragon.

Set up the Recipe

Put together the ingredients in separate bowls or containers when you want your child to help out. Chop up the vegetables ahead of time and measure out anything that needs to be measured. This eliminates a step, and you can get the knives out of the prep area. If your child is curious about this part of the process, do it at the kitchen table and let him sit down near you. He won’t be underfoot and you can show him why things like knives are dangerous. Show him how it cuts the vegetables or other things.

Let the Child Help With Each Step

Give him a specific task to do for each part of the recipe. Let him pour things into a pan before you turn it on. Give him a step stool and let him watch the water come to a boil from a safe distance. Those pieces that you set up earlier are primed for him to participate so let him! After all, he doesn’t really want to be burned by dragon fire; he just wants to be included.



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