How to Stay Active as a Family


Active family bikingDespite the many evident benefits of physical activity to one’s health, majority of people do not have an active lifestyle. The latest figures show that only 20 percent of the adult population is meeting the recommended guidelines for physical activity in terms of aerobic activities and muscle-strengthening. Not surprisingly, the situation is similar for kids with only one third of children in the United States being physically active on a daily basis.

As parents, of course you want to ensure that your children will grow up healthy and fit. But you’re also fully aware that parenting is just one of the things that require your attention. You have to juggle family with work and other commitments, including the commitment to make your family stay active. Still, it’s a great start if you can set an example. According to research, having physically active parents contribute to the likelihood of a child being active too.

In addition to the health benefits of staying active as a family, it will also create opportunities for all of you to spend quality time together. Parenting is not just providing the material needs for your children, but also giving them your time. Unfortunately, many families today simply don’t have enough time in a day to do things together, so it would be great if you can plan things that will help you stay active  together as much as possible while also allowing quality family bonding.

If you have kids, simply going to the gym will not cut it. You need to be more creative and think of more fun ways to involve your children. Here are some tips to do just that.


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