Mom Tips: How to Plan the Vacation of a Lifetime on a Budget


parents family vacationIn today’s economy it can be challenging to provide the basic essentials, never mind have the extra cash to take a vacation. If you’re like many parents, you need creative ideas for ways to save money while making lifelong memories with your children. Here are some tips on how to cut back on costs so you can afford a fantastic vacation that dads, moms and kids will remember forever.

National Parks and Historical Landmarks 

There’s so many places to visit right here in the U.S. that don’t require a plane ticket. Just hop in the car and start driving. Research your state’s history and visit the locations your children have never seen. From Plymouth Rock to Niagara Falls to the Grand Canyon, you might not have to spend much cash on gas in order to introduce your kids to a new sight. They’ll be impressed with how much you can teach them about the nation’s history. Explore Yellowstone National Park or see nature’s beauty at Acadia National Park, 18 miles from Bar Harbor, Maine.

Get Outside – Nature is Free! 

Mountain climbing, swimming, bird watching, and more – the list goes on. Outdoor activities abound and best of all, they’re free! You don’t have to buy an expensive ticket to spend the day swimming in local lakes and making a scrapbook of wildflowers. The kids will get exercise, and the parents will experience the outdoors from a fresh perspective. Renting a cabin or camping is a budget-friendly way to bring along your pets and acquaint your family with outdoor living. Try Yosemite National Park or drive to the Adirondack Mountains – your kids will appreciate their parents’ choice as they are wowed by the gorgeous mountains and entranced by the endless hiking trails perfect for their inquisitive minds.


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