Mom Tips: 5 Ways to Imprint Your Personal Style on Your Family Home


2) Don’t Tap into Ephemeral Trends. Instead of fueling your home fashion addiction, as a rational, hardworking mom you may want to do some soul-searching and determine the real classics that you can no longer live without. We are talking about agelessly beautiful items that will stay in fashion for many years in a row, rather than becoming worthless and tacky in only a few months. Choose wisely to avoid misguided investments and remember that not all trendy decorations actually match your personal style.

3) Invest in Affordable Signature Pieces. Buy statement pieces that let your guests know who you are and what you’re all about. Paintings and custom-made furniture will always highlight your uniqueness and passion for art and personalization.

4) Let Your Environment Send a Powerful Message. Shabby chic furniture pieces are great for romantics and creative minds. Industrial décor is perfect for parents who want to keep it simple. Asian décor with umbrellas and wall fans reveal your passion for an enchanting Oriental style. Baroque elements suggest that you love a fine touch of luxury and indicate that you are a mom with a prominent glamorous side. What kind of style actually defines you, as a mom, wife and individual entity? Make up your mind before pouring money into a new home remodel project.

5) Get Inspired, without Hiring an Interior Decorator. By simply surfing the Internet, parents can get the expert guidance needed to personalize and upgrade your home. Moms can check out hundreds of beautiful photos on Pinterest, use search engines to expand their knowledge database and make a list of improvements that can customize their theme of choice even further.



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