10 Ways to Make a Chore Wheel Fun


4) Use Rewards. All parents know that kids adore rewards. Teach your kids how to earn them. Set up the timer and establish a timeframe for each assignment. Those who finish on time and do an excellent job automatically qualify for the grand prize: a healthy treat.

5) Play a Little Song. Encourage your kids to spin the wheel. As soon as they are assigned a chore, let them choose and play their very own “victory song.” Music makes all kinds of activities seem more interesting and enjoyable.

6) Videotape the Whole Thing. Want to make your little game resemble an exciting TV show like the Wheel of Fortune? Turn your kids into contestants and videotape them while they spin the chore wheel. This will raise their enthusiasm and enable you to create beautiful, long-lasting memories.

7) Get It in Writing. Place your chore wheel on the fridge, next to a daily or weekly chart listing all the tasks that have already been assigned to all family members.

8) Grownups Do It Too. Want to strengthen the bond between parents and kids? As a busy mom, you want to promote responsibility and make your kids help out around the house. Put your name (and the name of your spouse and other adult family members that you may want to involve) on the chore wheel and prove that you can do chores as fast as your youngsters.

9) Use Modern Tools to Get Your Job Done. Many moms need a helping hand when it comes to creating exciting chore wheels. If you are a perfectionist and don’t really like to hang doodles on your walls, you can always download free templates or play with Publisher and Word to come up with awesome designs.

10) Try Different Variations. If your kids think that chore wheels are boring and lame, choose to test different substitutes. How about chore punch cards or ice cream cone-shaped chore charts with ice cream rewards? Get creative and your kids will never experience a dull moment while getting involved in basic chores around the house.


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