10 Ways to Make a Chore Wheel Fun


Parents Moms Chore WheelsChore wheels are great tools that all parents can use. They are fun, easy to make and enable moms to promote responsibility, help kids understand the importance of self-discipline, allow them to get involved in basic chores, and ultimately keep your house clean and shiny. However, standard models aren’t all that exciting. Sure, you can use colorful crayons and artful drawings to boost their appeal, but at some point traditional chore wheels will still need an upgrade to stimulate the interest of your youngsters.

1) Glue Photos Under the Name of Your Kids. Some chore wheels comprise concentric circles. A large circle is divided into sections representing the tasks that you want your kids to complete, while the smaller circle comprises 3, 4, or 5 areas (depending on the number of family members that you want to get involved in the game) reflecting the names of all participants. Make the chore wheel big enough to be able to glue photos of your kids under their names. This improved visual representation will stimulate their interest and competitiveness.

2) Use Various Colors to Differentiate All Participants. Blue is for Jack, green is for Mary, red is for little Ivy and pink is for Susan. By using the favorite colors of your kids you will individualize them and allow every single child to feel like he or she plays an important part in this fun activity.

3) Get Your Kids Involved in the Design Phase. As a dedicated mom, you know that kids love to color and express their creativity in different ways. Why wouldn’t you profit from this advantage to design a chore wheel? If you can get your kids to design the wheel, they will recognize it as the fruit of their labor and be more inclined to play with it.


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