Mom Tips: 4 Ways to Make Your Own Couture Apron


parents apronHaving a sense of style is not just for going out on the town. It’s also important for the kitchen, especially when it comes to the apron. If you have any cooking skills you know just how important it really is to protect clothes while preparing a healthy, delicious meal. An apron will not only serve the purpose of not getting spills and splatters on your clothes, it will make you look chic while slaving over that hot stove.

As it sits, it may be just a dull, ancient-looking bib tied at the back, but with a little patience and a high dosage of creativity and inspiration, you can easily turn your apron into a couture pieces that will never pass unnoticed. Here are a few suggestions that may constitute a great starting point for any mom with a plan:

1) Use Hand Embroidery to Personalize Your Creation. Add a name tag and several attributes that may characterize you. For instance, you could embroider several words onto the fabric. What kind of message would you be tempted to send? You could always go for something funny and meaningful like for instance “Hi, I’m Jenna, the talented chef of this happy family.” Explore your creativity and sense of humor to come up with a memorable tagline and let it take your custom apron to a whole new level.

2) Play with Different Adornments. Do you wear your apron more often than you get to flaunt your gorgeous evening gown? Don’t worry; most busy moms are in this situation. As a matter of fact, there are many ways in which you can recreate the luxurious touch of evening attire while trying to personalize your apron. Are you a trendy mom with a great sense of style? You could add a row of sequins, glitter and metallic brooches to reflect your glamorous side. Just remember that removable adornments are always the best choice, as opposed to sewn decorations that are more likely to fall off or get deteriorated during the washing cycle.


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