Parenting Tips for the Working Mothers


A lot of parents are curious how it feels like to be away from their toddlers all day. However, it is not the same case that goes for a working mother. But think about this, is your toddler harmed by the absence of a mother for a day? It is thought that when a mother is satisfied with the life that she has, whether working full time or staying at home, the child can be well adjusted. You can also replace with someone that you really trust and someone who likes children. Surely, a mother who always fee to be disappointed in being a full time mother is going to have a negative effect on the child compared to those contented mothers who are working.

This article has several suggestions from the parent groups on how to make the life better for the working mother and their children. As most of the moms are saying, it is not easy to work, nor is it to be at home with a kid 24 hours a day. Moms who are staying at home stated that they are overwhelmed because they are taking care of their children. Even though there is not yet a perfect solution, it is still important to look for a working style that will really suit your and your child.

Whether you choose to work or you need to work, it is important in examining your own past from your childhood. Usually, parents do not realize how their past is affecting them not until their baby is born. The working history of your own mother is going to have a great influence in your attitude.

For example, if you ever had a full time working mother and you felt that your needs were not provided, the only outcome to this is that you will find it natural to work as a mother. On the other hand, if your mom refused to working because she felt guilty that she is going to leave you and did not give the mothering that you had wanted, you may have a hard time in creating a positive identity as a mom who works.

Moms also may have a difficulty in sorting their own feelings whenever they look at their job as if it is something that can be an escape from their past memories.  Whenever you already understand how the past you had influences the feelings on your work, this might affect your decision in working and also your mothering. Whenever you find yourself not capable in resolving your own issues when it comes to working, it might really be a big help for you if you go see a counsellor.

Always keep in mind that being a mother is a reason for you to celebrate womanhood. Working mother from the 21st century is independent, caring, and always confident. Mothers always know their worth and they always need to make choices that will speak her will power, resilience, and courage.


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