Pants Suits vs. Skirts: Which is the Best Office Attire for Moms?


1) It is preferable to wear knee-length skirts in neutral colors (navy, ivory, white, beige, black or brown). Apart from the fact that they create a professional look, they are also very versatile and can be mixed and matched in countless ways. A skirt that fits in this category is definitely a great pick for budget-conscious moms who aren’t willing to make any kind of fashion compromises.

2) Avoid edgy accessories and keep it simple and classy.

3) Cropped trousers can be paired with an elegant blazer, to achieve a less formal look.

4) If you are a working mom with countless expenses and limited financial possibilities, note that you can always breathe new life into an old, outdated blazer by re-tailoring it. Or better yet, you can wear it on top of a perfectly pressed, tucked-in white shirt and scrunch up its sleeves, for a much more modern and fashionable look.

5) As a general rule, moms are less inclined to follow trends blindly and spend an enormous amount of money on new-arrivals. Reinterpret a classic skirt or office dress by adding a very subtle metallic waist belt. It will make your whole outfit pop in a non-ostentatious manner.

6) Break the monotony by combining two or three colors. While it is certainly not recommended to turn your office outfit into a rainbow or a color parade, you may want to ditch the matchy-matchy two-piece-suit and try something different for a change. You could always pair a navy skirt with a white blazer, as long as the cut and fabrics displayed by both pieces make sense together.

All in all, only you can decide whether you should wear a skirt or a pants suit at the office. As busy moms, you should focus on finding the business chic style that compliments your best features and allows you to create an awesome impression at work without forcing you to break the bank to support your spending habits.



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