Pants Suits vs. Skirts: Which is the Best Office Attire for Moms?


moms business attireSkirts manage to reveal your feminine side like no other clothing item, but pants make you feel much more comfortable and represent the key pieces of a totally relaxed outfit. But which element is more suitable for a classy, personalized office-appropriate attire? How can moms keep up with recent trends without throwing money out the window?

First Impressions Are Always Important

As soon as you walk through the door and set foot in your office, your outfit should help you create a long-lasting positive impression. It should be simple and sophisticated at the same time and tailored to the specific shape and size of your body. But your goal is to balance attractiveness with the highest level of professionalism. According to recent research, skirts can give you the opportunity to accomplish this objective.

A recent study conducted by the University of Hertfordshire clearly indicates that skirt suits enable women to stand out from the crowd, separate themselves from their male competitors and colleagues and reflect their own refined style without being cataloged as provocative. After all, this is what success-oriented leaders do: they reveal their uniqueness and make everyone take notice of their best qualities.

Cracking the Dress Code

Research tells you that skirts are the best choice for fantastic office attire that will never make people raise an eyebrow. Nonetheless, feel free to choose the clothing elements that best match your style, personality and aesthetic requirements.

Moms who work in a conservative, buttoned-up environment are fully aware of the fact that pants suits for ladies aren’t really very different from the ones flaunted by men. Perhaps you would like to test a few variations, without taking any chances. If so, here are a few great and entirely safe styling tips that you may want to apply to customize and beautify your everyday office outfits.


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