Organics Live


This is a new, socially and environmentally conscious company dedicated to cleaning up the globe and improving people’s health by improving the food supply. We deliver fresh, locally-sourced (as much as possible in Canada) best-of-season, independently certified organic produce to people’s homes every week. There are 3 box sizes, each containing between 10 and 14 varieties of different fruits and veggies. Our latest research tells us we’re between 10 and 20% less than retail, fresher because our food doesn’t sit on shelves, and there’s no delivery cost. We also guarantee our produce 100%. So if you get a batch of wilted spinach, just let customer service know and we’ll credit its value on your next box. Boxes cost $37 for small, (2 people), $47 for medium (3-4 people) and $57 for a large. We also have an all fruit box for $47.


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