Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head


Toddlers won’t go to sleep? Unique lullaby Cd of lyrics, that talk about sleep, and same melody instrumental that
relaxes into deep sleep. Plus merchandise to help parents create a positive and fun bedtime experience. The 3
r’s to get sleep are; Routine…use the sleeping Polar bear as a special sleep toy. Sleepy Head TED gives cuddles
and is dressed in his pyjamas. Children can wear PJ’s to match TED. Re-connection..this Cd encourages parents
to sing, pat, rock…positive comfort measures that help children feel safe and loved. Only then, when they are
anxiety free can they Relax. The instrumental is very soothing…parents can sing along as well, and guides
children into deeper relaxation. Cd soon to be available also as a digital download.


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