Naked Bar Soap Co.


Natural Soap is not the same as the regular commercial soap. The Naked Bar Soap Co. has found a different approach to getting cleansed. We specialize in using nature’s products to make a cleansing agent that is great for the body and environmentally friendly. Many of the soaps found in today’s supermarket seem more like compact, powdered detergents promising you soft, supple skin while they add synthetic ingredients to give a more colorful appearance and produce a scent created by artificial fragrances. We handcraft all of our 100% natural bath and body products.

The Naked Bar Soap Co. keeps all the good stuff nature has intended to keep your skin naturally moisturized. We do not use any harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, and/or additives. You will not find chemical preservatives to enhance color, smell, or shelf life. We simply offer a great, natural, and healthier alternative that is pure and authentic.


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