Mother’s Day + Administrative Professional’s Day = ADMINOMOTHER’S DAY


#ADMINOMOTHERS DAYJust when I thought I recovered from the shopping chaos of Christmas, I sat at my desk, AmEx in hand, desperately ordering a slew of gifts for both upcoming Administrative Professional’s Day and Mother’s Day’s.  And, because making sure holidays are appropriately recognized often falls on my (and most mother’s) shoulders, I was ordering for my husbands, fathers, and my office, as well as all the mother like figures, grandmothers and great grandmothers in our lives.

So it wasn’t just a quick call to the florist, it was a pop quiz in identifying people, organizing addresses, setting budgets, finding creative gifts, ensuring on time delivery, and crafting well written sentiments worthy of the recipients.  So basically, it’s like navigating every other day of organizing a family. Thus my quest to insist that mothers be celebrated on both days Administrative Professionals Day and Mother’s Day – an Admino-Mothers-Day if you will.

Now if you are reading this it’s likely you already see where this going, but I felt it warranted a post none the less.  It doesn’t matter if you work inside or outside of the home, if you are a mom, you are likely your family’s Administrative Professional.  From the moment you wake your family up you seamlessly navigate their days – in fact they likely wake up asking what they have to do that day, and thanks to your expert scheduling and organizational skills, they know.

You meticulously plan their itineraries making sure tutoring doesn’t conflict with swim practice, and figuring out how to get the kid one to swim practice at the same time kid two needs to be at volleyball (with the possibility of swinging back by the school to get the necessary book for the tutoring you scheduled to not conflict with anything.)  Throw in the short order cook and chauffeur services you offer all the while trying to maintain some sort of career and/or hobby to keep you sane.  Never mind the added bonus of holidays or the unexpected puke report from school.

It’s exhausting, and yet it’s second nature.  So while mom’s should certainly be celebrated on Mother’s Day, for nothing more than giving you life and keeping you alive, please consider honoring mom on the newly dubbed #ADMINOMOTHERSDAY.  Just as offices everywhere rely on their own professionals to keep perpetual movement forward, moms do the same for their families, and it’s high time we recognize those skills!


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Kara Vanderpool Ward is owner of Triple V Enterprises where she works daily along side her father, affectionately dubbed the Suit, and her brother, The Hoodie. She is the creator of the series with the same name, The Suit, The Hoodie and The Skirt, Third and Hyphen, Care-giving Sucks, as well as two kids and last nights dinner. She is the United States Winner of the Hot Momma’s Project, the worlds largest case study project for women housed at George Washington University, and the Patricia Lacy Metzger Distinguished Woman Award from The University of Mary Washington. She lives in Charlottesville, VA with her husband, two daughters and is caregiver to her 88 year old grandmother.


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