Mothers and Daughters – Examining the Conflict


Mother and daughterMothers and daughters have a very complex relationship. From “best friend” to authority figure, mothers can play a variety of roles, but conflict with their daughters is almost inevitable. Why is that?

Mothers and daughters fight because you have the mother who is looking at her daughter evolve into a woman, wanting to protect her little girl as she evolves from all of life’s woes.  Additionally, she has to grasp the concept that her daughter is slowly becoming her equal.  Meanwhile, all her daughter wants is the same privileges she believes her mother has which is the freedom to make her own decisions.

But do women really want to be controlled?

Any relationship’s foundation is based on mastering how each person communicates with each other. Moms need to model an example of connection with their daughters instead of the hierarchy example of mother versus child and view their daughters as evolving women who they can offer guidance to through love instead of continually reprimand the many previous generations of women who they have been exposed too.

I have seen myself and many daughters shy away from sharing intimate secrets with their mothers because most parents, especially in previous generations, have parented using fear instead of love, which creates a relationship atmosphere of non-acceptance.

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