Most Common Signs & Symptoms of 9 Months Pregnancy


At nine months of pregnancy, an expectant woman undergoes various changes in their body. These changes come in the form of symptoms and belly size. At 9 months pregnancy belly is huge since the baby is about to be born. In this guide, you will get detailed information about 9 months pregnant symptoms, belly, cramping: what to expect.

To begin with, the most common 9 months pregnancy symptoms are swelling, hemorrhoids, easier breathing, sleeping problems, skin changes, Braxton hicks contraction, leaky breasts, fatigue or more energy, and tingly hands.

So, how many weeks in 9 months? Nine month pregnancy has a total of around 36 to 40 weeks depending on the number of the pregnancy – whether first time or subsequent.

Symptoms of Nine Month Pregnancy

1. Swelling: Swelling is mostly experienced on the hands and legs due to the pressure exerted by the weight of the baby on the mother’s body. To reduce swelling on the legs, regular exercise is recommended by putting the legs on a resting place and by minimizing walking.

2. Hemorrhoids: This happens when some blood is help up in the veins making them swell thereby causing some itchiness or pain, but they are treatable and completely disappears after birth. The condition is also caused by pressure from the baby.

3. Easier Breathing: After the baby drops into the pelvic area, the lungs get some space making breathing easier than in the previous months.

4. Sleeping Problems: When a woman is pregnant, she experiences sleeping problems because the baby often kicks her ribs and there is that uncontrollable feeling of wanting to go to the washrooms. Moreover, some women do not find a comfortable sleeping position.

5. Skin Changes: During pregnancy, there is a hormonal change in a woman’s body. This may be noticed on the skin such as blemishes. Breasts appearance changes with the veins being visible while the areolas and nipples become darker than before.

6. Braxton Hicks Contraction: The above is the contraction of the uterus that is usually common during the third trimester of pregnancy. It is often referred to as "false labor". During the last month, the contraction becomes more recurrent compared to previous months.

7. Leaky Breasts: Leaky breasts are experienced as a result of milk production during pregnancy. Colostrum leaks mostly during the night and one can avoid being soaked in this milk by wearing breast pads.

8. Fatigue or Extra Energy: These symptoms will vary from one woman to the other with some experiencing fatigue while others feel energetic. But whichever the case, the women should ensure they have adequate rest.

9. Tingly Hands: A pregnant woman will feel tingly in the hands because of the pressure exerted by the baby on the nerves and veins.

In conclusion, a pregnant woman will undergo a lot of changes notable among them being the belly size. The size of the belly increases as the pregnancy progresses from week one to the last. Markedly, other changes like skin color and swelling of the hands and the legs most predominant ones. Although the other symptoms are not visible, they are usually experienced by the majority of pregnant women. The pregnancy will last for a period of 36-40 weeks; 36 weeks being the lower side and 40 weeks being the extreme.


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