Morning Mom Madness: How to Get Dressed Without Tears


Courtesy of The Daily MailMy only objective in the mornings is how to get dressed without tears! Most weekday mornings I feel like “Goldilocks & the Three Bears,” except my version is called “Mama & the Many Body Sizes.” My closet is filled with clothes that fall into categories including: no longer fits, fit for a short while, might fit soon, will never fit, what was I thinking, and then there’s my favorite groups — keep dreaming and a few token pieces that currently fit.

Over the past eight years I have delivered a total of 39.5 pounds of baby boys and gained and subsequently lost 260 pounds, all divided into four pregnancies. My closet once contained size 2 sexy clothes, which later were replaced by size 16 maternity human tents – and now I am somewhere in the middle – in mom-clothes territory!

The daily ritual of getting dressed is about as much fun as taking a hungry, over-tired, potty-training toddler grocery shopping at dinnertime. Somehow I manage to leave the house fully clothed every day – which is more than what I can say for my toddler.

The trick is to dress for the body you have today, not the body you could get with a few surgeries, nor the body you had when wine coolers were cool and phones never left the house. Follow these 10 steps every morning, and on most days you will go to work feeling good – even if your clothes are stained with the results from your baby’s many bodily functions.


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