Mom’s the Word


For the past 18 years, Mom’s the Word has been a chic clothing go-to for moms-to-be in California’s Bay Area (locations in Palo Alto & San Francisco). Owner Sarah Pollak recently launched a brick & mortar shop in LA as well as an online boutique,

Pollak takes great pride in the eclectic mix of brands, styles and prices that MTW carries and believes pregnant women are just women who are pregnant and should still be able to love getting dressed every morning. Some of the labels found at MTW include Maternal America, Paige and Tees by Tina.

MTW also sells the brand’s own coveted eponymous collection of maternity must-haves that are the stylish yet comfortable garments pregnant woman want to have in their wardrobes. More often than not, they’re also the items women love to wear after giving birth, too.

“Pregnancy doesn’t have to be the death of fashion,” says Pollak. “My favorite thing to hear is when people say ‘I look better than I did before I was pregnant.’”


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