Mom Tips: 3 Ways to Create a Personal Space in a Home Full of Small Children


Group Of Happy Kids Watching Tv At HomeAs a full-time mom, you know that children will always give you a tremendous satisfaction. Their joy, laughter and beautiful smiles will brighten all your days and make you feel like you’ve won the lottery. Nonetheless, regardless of how much you love your children and adore spending time with them, at some point your body will urge you to unwind and focus on your own well-being in a relaxing environment.

How can moms find their comfort zone in a house full of small children who are constantly competing against each other for your attention? You may be wondering: how could I enjoy some hard earned “me time” after a long day spent with my beloved kids? Here are a few tips that will allow busy moms to create a personal space in even the noisiest, most overcrowded indoor space.

1) Set Boundaries. Boundary setting shouldn’t be interpreted as a major parenting challenge. As long as you talk to your kids about the importance of personal space, you teach them to respect the privacy of others and enable them to build a healthy, rock-solid foundation for future relationships. “No” is a strong word, but can also have a positive connotation, when you use it to set boundaries and create invisible bubbles where you and your spouse as well as your youngster can feel safe and entirely comfortable as individual entities.


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