Teach Your Child to Fall in Love with Gardening

  • Seeds are obviously essential in planting a new garden. Look for your child’s favorite foods or flowers. She will be amazed when she sees the colors and flavors she loves growing out of the soil.
  • Trowels, other digging implements, and gardening gloves. These things may not all be necessary for a home garden, but they’ll be fun for her to use while you’re cultivating your plants with your child.

Create a Gardening Scrapbook

For us moms, just the peace of cultivating a garden may be enough to satisfy a hobby, but for your young child, they might need a little extra to keep them interested. Make a fun mom and child hobby by creating a scrapbook about the growth of your new garden. Get a large scrapbook that is big enough for many photos on each page. Once a week, measure each plant, look at their progress, take pictures with your child, and add all kinds of stickers and other scrapbook notions to turn your garden into a project that is creative, educational, and an opportunity for bonding.

Follow Through and Keep Your Child Interested!

As time goes by, your scrapbook will fill up and your child may grow bored of the garden. That’s when you add more to it! Ask her about the plants that she loves to grow the most and give her an independent project. As she grows with her own garden, you’ll be able to watch her cultivate it with the same love that you have for your own plants. You can successfully create a pastime that you and your child can love together for many years.



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