Teach Your Child to Fall in Love with Gardening


moms gardening tipsGetting your child to go outside and dig around in the dirt is more difficult than you might think it is. Our moms encouraged us to play outside, and laughed at our dirt-smeared faces when we came in to wash up for dinner. But unlike our mothers, today’s mom worries more about what’s in the dirt and what can be passed on to their little ones. One way to get past the fear of potential dangers lurking in the dirt and get our kids outside is through gardening. If you don’t have a large yard suitable for gardening, don’t let that stop you! Your child can still learn about the magic of seeing a plant grow from a seed. As a parent, you can help her fall in love with gardening and learn all about the many ways that the earth is important and beautiful.

Gather Your Supplies

Whether you have a yard or not, you can gather the supplies for a small garden right inside your home or in window boxes just outside.

  • You’ll need potting soil and/or an organic growing compound. This really depends on your preference and finances. Before you buy your soil, research what your seeds will grow best in.
  • Planting pots can be a really fun part of your project. Get plain colors or raw ceramic so that you can decorate each one with your child before planting your seeds. Be sure to get containers that have proper drainage and a tray underneath for excess water.


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