Moms Magazine’s Interview with Jennifer Miles, Owner of Lizzy’s Garden™


What was your inspiration for opening store/starting business?
My now 18 month old daughter Elizabeth was the inspiration for starting Lizzy’s Garden™. Following the birth of our youngest daughter, Elizabeth, I wanted to find the healthiest option for feeding her.  I decided to produce my own organic recipes.  What began as a fun and imaginative exercise in my kitchen transformed into the creation of Lizzy’s Garden™.

What types of merchandise/services do you offer?
Lizzy’s Garden™ offers 100% USDA certified organic baby food in two different stages (1 & 2) that has a homemade spin to it. NO preservatives, NO fillers, NO artificial flavors or harmful additives to worry about. We package all of our organic baby food in eco-friendly glass jars, which are BPA-FREE. No worries of possible chemical leakage into the baby food. Our baby food is freshly made and shipped frozen with a delivery of 1-2 business days to your front door. We also, just launched our subscription model. We are extremely excited about this as we received lots of feedback from parents stating that having this option would make their day to day easier. Lizzy’s Garden™ subscription model will allow parents to sign up via out website and select their choice of flavors, quantities and stages to be shipped on a monthly bases. One less thing to remember! Orders can be placed at

What are you most proud of from your business?
We were selected as 2015’s MUST-HAVE baby product to showcase Lizzy’s Garden™ during the 10th annual Golden Globes boom boom room event  in Hollywood, CA. This was a huge milestone for our company as we were contacted  just three months after launching the brand. Our organic baby food was a HIT with all of the celebs. The feedback was phenomenal . This would be one of our proudest moments.

What are your favorite activities to do with your children?
I love doing anything fun with my girls. Going to the beach, visiting the amusement parks, arts/crafts, challenging my oldest to dance-off’s and talking to them to see how things are going in their world.  I like to be involved as much as I possibly can with my girls (I have a 12 year old) and she’s very active in school sports and clubs.

How do you balance your work-home life?
I can’t really explain it. I do what has to be done. Careful planning and time management are critical. I have two daughters, a husband and a career and to manage it all can be hectic at times, but it’s great to have such a supportive husband that helps with the load.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from running a business?
I’ve learned a lot and I’m still learning. But the one thing that stands out is patience. There are so many moving pieces when running your own business and having patience and understanding is KEY. Everything will not always work in your favor or in your timing, so it’s important to understand that things will happen, but that does not mean to give-up.  Always pull the positive out of every situation and make it work for you.

What would you be doing if you weren’t running a business?
Working in the healthcare industry as that’s my education background with over 10 years of experience.

If you could give an aspiring “Mompreneuer” a piece of advice, what would it be?
For any aspiring “Mompreneuer”, with a dream and passion for something, I strongly encourage to do as much research first. Be familiar and get educated on the market/industry you’re embarking on. Continue to stay the course on whatever it is you’re striving for and DO NOT allow obstacles to discourage you because there will be moments you are tested.

What is next for you and your business?
Continuing to build the brand and assist parents in establishing nutritional values in their infants and toddlers everywhere. Our goal is to grow domestically as well as internationally and eventually be in every major retailer. We would like to be well-known and considered a top resource for organic baby food.

Check out the Press Release here: Lizzys Garden Media Alert and Press Release


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