Mom Tips: 7 Ways to Keep Furniture Clean in a Home with Pets and Toddlers  


Mom Clean FurnitureDo you think that keeping your wooden furniture nice, clean and shiny in a house with multiple pets and lots of kids is a mission impossible? As a matter of fact, as a busy mom, you can actually spend less time picking up after your children and beloved pets by simply following a very basic set of rules.

1) Don’t Agree to Host Play Dates (Too Often). Experienced moms will tell you what play dates are all about in a split second: they usually involve lots of toys scattered on the floor and on your sofa, chairs and table, crumbs everywhere and even a few destroyed or severely damaged household items, if you’re really unlucky. Try to host play dates less frequently; this way you won’t be forced to clean up after someone else’s kids and your youngsters will feel less stimulated to go wild and make a complete mess.

2 Avoid Crumbly Snacks and Messy Treats That Can Leave a Stain. Healthy snacks are a great way to curb cravings. However, you may want to avoid giving granola bars, candy, cereals, crackers, bread, pretzels or cookies to your kids (and pets). Crumbly, sticky snacks can get glued to your precious furniture. Don’t let your own negligence trigger the destruction of your stylish velvet sofa.

3) Train Your Pups. Dog (and cat!) training services will enable you to avoid chaos and prevent mishaps caused by a puppy or a kitten. A broken vase, scratched furniture and devastated upholstery are only a few of the most unpleasant consequences that pet owners may be dealing with, sooner or later. Become responsible (pet) parents and contact a professional dog or cat trainer in your area and discuss your options with a specialist.

4) Vacuum and Wipe Off the Dust on a Daily Basis. As busy parents, you and your spouse may want to create and follow a simple, time-effective maintenance routine. For example, you could vacuum and dust your entire house on a daily basis to make it a whole lot easier for you to scrub, disinfect and polish every single inch at the end of the week.


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