How Moms Can Help Their Teen Transition into Junior High School


moms high school kidsYou dutifully stood at your child’s elementary school graduation with the other moms, trying not to cry your eyes out and embarrass your little one as she walked across the stage, proud and excited to be moving to the next step. As the first day of junior high approaches, you watch as your daughter thinks about what to wear, how to open her locker, what the classes will be like, and all of the new people that she will soon be going to school with. You can see that her excitement is mixed with fear. As her Mom, she is determined not to ask you for help but that doesn’t mean that you can’t offer and that you can’t help her make the transition.

Get Involved with Your Child’s New School

Before the school year ever starts, you can get together with other parents and talk to school administrators to find out what your child’s first few days will be like so that you can help her transition.

    • Every school does things differently so it really is a good idea to get involved. Encourage other parents in your neighborhood or those of the children that your child is friends with to reach out as well.
    • Reach out to the parents from the other elementary schools that will join your child in junior high and arrange some group activities so that the children can meet new people before school starts.
    • Join the PTA at your child’s new school and talk to the parents of children that already go there. Find out about their experiences and learn about possible problems that your child can expect to have to deal with.


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