MommyMaiDD Services Inc


MommyMaiDD Services Inc, “MommyMaiDD” is the first ever web-based company that offers mommy personal assistants also known as domestic assistants. Unlike similar websites that connect parents with caregivers, MommyMaiDD goes a step further in a different direction to connect parents (particularly mothers) to assistants who offer innovation personal assistant services which may not include childcare. MommyMaiDD™ is also branching out and we have a new product coming out November 2014 called The Stork Bag by MommyMaiDD™ “The Stork Bag™” ( is currently still being created but is visible). The Stork Bag is the first ever subscription bag just for pregnant women. We mail out a bag filled with cool pregnancy items at the beginning of each trimester. The Stork Bag will launch November 3, 2014!


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