Moments Are Fleeting


sunrisemomsIt is but a moment – fleeting – gone in an instant. As I sat on my parents’ deck this morning, waiting for the sun to rise, I realized just how fleeting moments can be. The sun was about to peek out from behind the horizon. It was on the verge of emerging when my dog made a mess that I had to clean up. When I returned the sun had already risen. Granted it was still a beautiful view, but the initial moment was gone.

In life, moments are fleeting – things are constantly in motion. As I watch my son grow before my very eyes, it’s all too real just how fleeting moments can be. And although I don’t always succeed, I do realize the value in cherishing each and every moment – even the difficult ones. I remember when he was a baby how at times I was just so ready for certain stages to be over. Looking back, I realize those baby moments go by very quick.

So as I’m dealing with 4 year old trials, I am trying to remind myself that these moments will go by way too fast. They are fleeting and gone in an instant as will the next stage and the next stage. Each stage in life is unique in its own way, and each stage is only here but for a moment.

So how are you cherishing your moments in life? This is a question that I am asking myself daily. Because the truth is, I want to cherish each and every moment.  Difficult moments make me stronger and thankful for the happier moments.

Amy Glass is a Stay-At-Home Mom, Wife, Runner, and Blogger. You can find her at @MrsGlass, Facebook, InstagramPinterest, and her blog Will Run For Ice Cream



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