Mom Tips on 2015 Summer Home Décor Trends


After the long, cold winter, it is finally almost summer! And with the warmer weather, we will see a shift in home décor. Every mom out there, whether you are a working mom or a work at home mom, wants and deserves to have a house that is as stylish as they are. We have come up with all of the hottest décor tips for you that showcases what we expect to heat up the summer months.

Oversize Art

If you want your walls to have the artistic appeal that you love, then you should know that big art is in. Find an oversize piece you love and show of your style. Added bonus, moms: the bigger it is, the more you can use it to cover up that portion of the wall your darling child decided to make their own work of art.  Pick out a piece that ties to the room. Think about matching the colors to your throw pillows, like Frette’s tango decorative pillow, found in four different colors.

Lucite Green

This bright aqua color is going to brighten up all the stylish homes this year. Whether it is a wall, an accent, or a throw like Frette’s cashmere Bliss throw in aqua, you are sure to make a splash by jumping into this watery hue.

Giant Terrariums

Hanging wall terrariums are so last year. Instead, we are expecting to see terrariums that match our giant wall art. The best thing about this trend is that it is an easy DIY. Round up the kids—this is not only a fashion statement, it is mom and kid bonding time.

And to further spruce up your house, pair the terrarium with Frette’s Elisir scented discs in rose or lavender.


Not just a dessert, this vanilla yellow color matches up great with many of the colors you might already have in your house. If you like this look, consider adding Frette’s Lou Lou embroidered light quilt in yellow to give your bedroom a fresher look.

Matte Brass Hardware

Another easy way to “summer-ize” your home is to change up your doorknobs. Just add a snazzy matte brass knob, and you are good to go.

Earthy Browns

The bright, bold colors you have seen in the past are taking a hit this year for calmer pastels and earthier browns. If you want to subtly add this color to a room, consider Frette’s Bicolore pillow sham in ivory and honey.


Okay, moms, here is another potential DIY style update. Forget about chevrons. Shibori is in. And what better way to entertain the kids than having a shibori tye-dye party!

Seafoam Blue

This greenish blue is like overlooking the ocean, or maybe we should say the sea. Throw a couple of key pieces in this color around the house, and you will lighten it up immediately. Better yet, get a pair of Frette’s Saule slippers, and you can lighten up whatever room you enter. But you probably do that anyway.

Chalkboard Paint

Moms, this one is good for any room in the house, but it is especially perfect for the kids’ rooms. If you have anything dull that needs a fun twist, just write some inspirational words, your kid’s name, or whatever else pops in your mind on it with some colorful chalkboard paint. Better yet, draw a picture. And have your child draw one with you.


Marsala is a wine-like color, and after a long day at work, followed by soccer practice, followed by feeding the kids, etc., moms deserve to sit back, relax, and at least see the color of wine. If you just want a small taste of this color, go ahead. Try Frette’s porcelain napkin ring set in red.

Whether you want a project with the little one or just plan on entertaining a lot, moms are always on top of the latest fashions.


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