Mom Tips: Trendy Bag Lunches for Teens


Add Something Decadent

You’ve been a mom for more than a decade, so you know very well that most teens will not pass up dessert. A decadent treat is always a nice way to finish a meal. Teens will love the idea of a special goody waiting for them at lunch, whether it’s a square or two of chocolate or a few pieces of your homemade cookies or mini pies. Including these treats (in small portions) will not only satisfy typical sweet cravings after a meal, but will also prevent teens from choosing less healthy desserts such as donuts or candies. 

Make “Assembly Needed” Lunches

Nowadays, many teens love the idea of making stuff themselves, including their lunch. Of course, this doesn’t mean moms should require their teenage kids to take care of their lunch on their own. This means preparing meals that they will later assemble at school. A few popular “needs assembly” lunch includes a taco salad bar, lettuce wraps and fruit and cheese platter with crackers and dip, of course.

Choose a Trendy Lunch Bag 

Plain brown paper bags are so out of fashion. Trendy lunch bags are in and they are a great idea for every mom who wants to make sure their children eat well and eat in style. If you have a young lady who is fashion conscious, then storing her lunch in a stylish bag is a sure way to make her excited about bringing food to school. It will be a fun day of shopping with your daughter for a lunch bag that she likes.



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