Mom Tips: Trendy Bag Lunches for Teens


mom lunch bagsCan’t get your teen to bring a bagged lunch to school again? Well, if you send them with another boring sandwich or whatever is leftover from dinner — in a plain brown paper sack — you can’t really blame her if she decides to eat out instead. To end the monotony, here are some tips for moms to make bagged lunches for teens trendy, so they will want to bring their own food to school instead of chucking it and going for fast food.

Give Food Some Style

We are very visual when it comes to food. Take some time to carefully prepare your teen’s lunch. It doesn’t have to look like a work of art like the food in top chef shows, but do give some thought as to how you will pack it. Choose meals that you can easily be creative with. You can get many ideas online from other moms, such as salads layered inside mason jars, a taco lunch in a bento box, or mini sandwiches prepared like sushi.

Be a Little Adventurous

It’s time to be an adventurous mom, at least in the kitchen. Think beyond the typical lunch box (or sack). Your teen is probably burned out from years of eating sliced bread for lunch, so spice it up with great alternatives to bread such as bagels, ciabatta, croissants, pita pockets or tortilla wraps. How about something exotic like kabobs, or something easy like a soy butter quesadilla? You can also take some turkey or salami slices and roll them up with celery and cheese sticks inside. Look for ideas within the range of food that you know your child will love and surprise her.


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