Mom Style: Say Goodbye to Frumpy Mom


Untitled design (8)As someone who cares about fashion and enjoys keeping up with the latest trends, I swore I would never be that frumpy mom who wore sweats every day. Then, I became a mom. After spending numerous hours in the rocking chair nursing, and more hours sitting on the floor playing, yoga pants were the only things I wore.

I was that mom who wore exercise clothes even if I wasn’t going to the gym. I was the mom who would go to the gym, come home and shower, and then put back on my sweatpants. Comfort came before fashion, and I was OK with that.

After I ventured out of the newborn stage and began to get back into civilization, I started to re-think my new mom dress code. My yoga pants and sweats started to make me feel frumpy, and frumpy was never something I had felt before. Was feeling frumpy just something that happened when you became a mom?

Although my identity and self-confidence in no way comes from my clothes, I felt like I had let apart of myself go by not ‘caring’ about my appearance. The truth was that I did still care about my appearance, fashion, and clothes. None of that changed when I had a baby. I just felt like there was no need to dress cute when I was spending my day changing diapers, nursing, sitting in the grass and playing peekaboo.

I finally had a wake up call when I actually put on a sun dress one day and my husband said “wow, you look great.” He did not mean to say that I didn’t look great other days, he just had not seen me in clothes I used to wear daily, in a long time. I realized that I really had let a piece of myself go.
From that day forth I completely changed my attitude about mom clothes. I decided that I could still be fashionable, have fun with my clothes, and be comfortable.


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