3 Creative Birthday Party Themes For the Whole Family to Enjoy


Magnificent Masquerade 

Dress-up parties are fun, but you could add a dose of mystery and make it a costume masquerade ball. While the secret wouldn’t last long with younger ages, older children would love having to guess which friends are which behind their identity-concealing costumes. You can also have extra masks for spares in case guests don’t show up in costume. Set up a photo booth and have guests take Polaroid pictures of their getup. Blow up balloons and gather them together in a bouquet. You can hang these around the house with streamers in rich colors to give an elegant feel to the atmosphere – and it’s an easy decorating job for mom.

Since all the guests are already in pretend mode, a game of Charades can be perfect for a masquerade party. Finger foods and appetizers should be the snacks of choice for this type of party, sticking with the sophisticated theme. Have parents volunteer to dress up as waiters and hand out juice in plastic champagne flutes to guests.

Pirate Invasion 

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a high-stakes treasure hunt? Be the best birthday party parents on the block and add a little something extra – treasure for the parents too. A pirate-themed birthday party has endless possibilities – you don’t have to settle for the same old piñata that your guests might expect. Set up a game of “capture the pirate flag” and make sure prisoners get consequences. Create a plank out of wood or cardboard and safely construct a soft landing pad of water or sand. Kids will get a thrill out of being blindfolded and forced to “walk the plank” if they’re caught.

Pirate fare can consist of fruit punch or “pirate’s grog,” chicken nuggets or “gold,” and don’t forget the chocolate coins for a treat! Fun and easy snacks work well with this birthday party theme and take the pressure of cooking off of mom.


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