3 Creative Birthday Party Themes For the Whole Family to Enjoy


mom birthday party babyBowling and bounce houses are loads of fun, but it can be hard to celebrate with everyone in your family when some activities are age-specific in nature. Turn up your birthday parenting skills and create a birthday party that every member of your family will love.

The Birthday Camp-Out 

Who doesn’t love a warm, gooey s’mores? Plan the camping trip of the year for your child’s birthday and don’t even leave your backyard. Set up a large, three-room tent and child-safe fire pit with a screen over the top. Guests can bring their sleeping bags and flashlights, and there can be camping trip themed snacks and treats. Mom can have the kids roast hot dogs (while supervised by parents) and have trail mix at the ready.

If the kids like crafts, good old-fashioned camp activities like friendship bracelets and tie-dye shirts are options for party events. If the party-goers are more excited about the gritty side of camping, design a survival game with two teams. They each get a map and compass and have to race to find their way through a scavenger hunt, with parents helping each team along.

Party favors could include a canteen, compass or a mini flashlight. Even if it’s raining, this party could easily take place in a large room such as a basement, and kids will still love it.


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