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Moms are preparing themselves with tools from the social media and using all of their virtual powers personally, politically, and commercially. is one of the reasons why they are being virtually active in these phases and aspects.

It is given that all of the moms are politically and socially active. At the same time, has been hanging out online because the every first message board cropped up for over 20 years. Yet their developing level of sophistication combined with the growing technology, add up to the defining moments of every mom like the case of “Motrin moms” who took an offense in an online painkiller in November 2008 and believed portrayed moms as slightly unglued and shallow. The certain company responded through apologizing immediately and removed the ad. This impromptu campaign got various results and they also got the attention of the mainstream media. Similar thing goes for the “nursing gate” when has launched “Facebook sucks” campaigns in order to get this social network to reverse the policy to ban the photos of the breastfeeding moms; mobilization was huge, creative, and swift that leads to the nursing videos in YouTube and a formation of a group in Facebook called “Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!” This group boasted nearly 250,000 members and blatantly featured pictures of nursing moms- in spite of the fact Facebook did not actually reversed their policy officially.

Even the legislation was affected., a political megaphone, modeled the powerful improving advocacy group called, counts among the victories passage of the bills which made New Jersey and Washington to be the 2nd and 3rd states in mandating a paid family leave.

Before a full on discovery of the mom blogs by the marketers, this community was once a smaller, more diverse crew of various writers that embrace both of the sheer power to chronicle their lives. However, during these days, there is no such thing like “just” writing all about the trials and shortcomings when it comes to parenting. Anyone who is going to confess, cathartically, that they locked their baby in their car together with their keys is going to receive an immediate amnesty. It was once known that Alice Bradley, from has stated that if you tell your story, you will be able to help a lot of people. You are capable of changing the world if you tell the truth. The author of a personal blog Mom-, Liz Gumbinner agrees to this statement by Bradley. She said that the community for the online mothers was created a big change in parenting zeitgeist from the expert experts to the peer experts. There is a sense which the other moms are likely to tell whatever the truth is. Trust is creating an authority, therefore, trust is creating power, Gumbinner stated.

The truth is that people are always going to believe that these women write about have created a feeding frenzy on the advertisers and the companies, who are all very aware that the mothers are controlling the family finances, therefore, have a great influence as to where the dollars go.


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