Michelle Lee-King


Imagine what the world would be like…
if gratitude was taught to us from a young age,
if being thankful was an integral part of culture,
and if positive self-worth was taught to children.

Imagine if coloring outside the lines was the objective —
if people were trained to give back — from the start.

What if an entire generation was taught to express their gratitude, right as they first learned how to walk? Wouldn’t it be amazing if the entire generation of kids today were well-adjusted, full of thankfulness, and able to creatively express themselves in healthy ways?

Because while we’ve been trying to shape generations for years, what we’ve been missing out on is gratitude at the center.

Gratitude is what unlocks potential.
Gratitude is what inspires growth.
Gratitude is what will foster the well-adjusted, positive minded children you’re dreaming of.

Join the revolution!


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