Mama is the Sweetest Word


Little tI had to wait for almost 16 months before I got to hear the best word in the world that brings warmth to my heart each time it’s said.  The word ‘mama’ from my little daughter is the best sound I’ve ever heard.  She’s been saying papa for a long time now and of course it’s great but, when you are the one to spend the majority of your time taking care of her it can be a little heart-breaking when papa is the only one she knows!  So, now the wait is over and it has been worth it to finally hear the intentional word being meant only for me.

I never knew parenting would be so exhausting.  I’m an extremely hard worker but this is the one thing that is the most rewarding while also being the most tiring!  I know that I’ve been a mama for more than a year now, but now it’s really sinking in that I am the only one who she will call mama, provide her with the right hugs after falls, be the one she looks for after waking up, and trusted with her sorrows and joys.  She really is my little buddy who helps me wipe the table, grocery shop, fold laundry, and play in the snow.  Since becoming a mom, I think about my mom so much more and wish I could remember all of the early years together.  I’ve always appreciated my mom and since becoming a mom I have developed a tremendous amount of respect for all of the work she puts into being a mom.  Mamas are the best, that’s for sure!

Oh, she’s waking up now and saying the sweetest word.  Yep, that’s me, Mama.


About the Author: Courtney Landin spends her days juggling work, life, and family therefore, she’s an expert at trying to find time to get enough sleep!  She’s on a quest to achieve balance and share her findings with other moms.

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My business journey began after my daughter was born and she’s the reason why I learned sleep deprivation is used as a torture technique. It sounds funny, but it definitely was not at the time!
After that experience I wanted to help other moms who might be experiencing the same problem and stop their misery sooner than mine was solved!

I became a certified sleep consultant and nutritionist to help other people find balance in their lives after having children. Health and wellness are extremely important to me and it is how we all can live healthy, happy lives! Thus, why I created Living Healthy Happy! It’s a great journey to be raising an amazing little girl and following my own dream of owning a business and dedicating myself to what I’m passionate about. I love helping other parents find balance in their lives and better sleep for their children!


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