Making Chores Part of Family Life Instead of Part of Family Arguments


Spring cleaning in the kitchenI’m sure you’ve tried everything from charts for chores to taking turns to make things fair to resorting to payments or rewards plus arguing and debating who does what and why. Nothing lasts very long because the approach is that the child is doing something FOR YOU and doesn’t see the purpose!

Now it’s time to change the perspective to the idea that the family works together to make the house a pleasant place to live for all. Each child and parent have different ideas of how the house should look. Some people are more meticulous and others more messy.

Surprisingly enough, some kids think their mothers aren’t neat enough or their house isn’t upgraded sufficiently to look picture perfect. Usually it’s the other way around, but you never know!

Making Chores Part of One’s Life Style

The first problem is using the word CHORE which actually has been defined as “a necessary but unpleasant task!” Well, who wants to do that willingly?

So let’s change the word to jobs or anything else that your kids come up with that may even have a funny ring to it.

Three Tips On Getting The Household in Order

1. Try out the idea is that everyone cares about some things and not others. Some spaces belong to everyone and some spaces belong to only one person.

A general rule can be that everyone is flexible and if something only matters to you, then you do it.

If a mother cares about her bedroom and bathroom, she’s not going to ask her child to organize and clean them. She wouldn’t want to have her child going through her things.

Well, many kids feel the same. Kids don’t want to go to school smelly and looking uncool, so they should want their sheets to be changed regularly and their laundry to be done. So how about them considering jobs that matter to them. If they never put their laundry in the hamper or by the washing machine, it’s not going to get washed. There’s nothing to argue about.


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