Making Bathtime and Diaper Changing Fun: Daily Ways to Get to Know Your Baby


Mother Bathing Baby At HomeHow many times a day do you change a diaper or try to find time for a bath? Does it always seem an inconvenience, a rushed bother, a mess to put it bluntly?! How would you like to make it a fun accomplishment for you and your baby?

How to Get the Most Out of Bathtime

Giving a bath for the first time is a memorable event. Holding your baby gently and firmly can be soothing for the baby but a little scary for the mommy. Once you realize you’ve got a good hold on your infant, feeling his skin against yours can be beyond blissful.
Once you’ve really got the hang of it and the baby gets bigger it’s a time to smooze with that sweet little infant of yours. Catch his gaze and give back a winning smile. By a few months the cooing begins and you can coo back having a real conversation.

Don’t rush, see what he does with this fingers and toes, how warm he likes the water, how he moves with the ripples, waves and splashes.
Talk while you observe. Babies love the sound of their mommy’s voice. It’s really been their favorite since in utero or when first adopted.
This is definitely not only about getting clean! It’s about getting to know your baby in all his or her intimacy. His body is yours. Your hands are his. Or, take a bath together and my goodness, skin to skin, warmth to warmth, he is feeling that irreplaceable mommy and me.

After the bath, the cuddle in the gentle towel finishes the experience. Keep talking and kissing. Mommy-baby romance! Somehow, in all these ways, you now know your baby better. In fact, I’d say you’ve used your Parental Intelligence and learned a bit more about his mind without even knowing it’s happening. You’ve learned what he likes and dislikes, more about his feelings, and more about your mommy-baby bond.


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