How to Make Holidays Fun By Reducing Pressure and Focusing on Children


Multi Generation Family Celebrating With Christmas MealIn our multicultural world, families look forward to many different holidays in the fall and winter months. With varied family structures, parents struggle to meet the needs of everyone’s traditions and faiths. Sometimes, competing interests of mothers and fathers become the focus instead of the pleasure of the seasons. How do you enjoy holidays without succumbing to the pressures to make them just right?

Do You Want Your Holidays to be Child-Focused?

If the overall goal is to have our children enjoy the holidays and learn what they are all about, emotions settle down. Here are a few suggestions or options some families have tried with great success:

1. Consider limiting presents to children and teens.

Families who have tried this approach find the financial pressures diminish greatly and time spent online or in stores is cut down considerably. Children are generally not good shoppers for any length of time, so time with kids at home away from crowded stores is usually more beneficial than rushing them about while buying gifts for lots of adults.

2. While creating traditional meals, keep in mind kids’ allergies, and what children actually eat.

Elaborate recipes sometimes carry out family traditions joyously, but other times they require hours of preparation that actually take parents away from their children and thus limit the fun of the holidays.

3. Evaluate which adults are responsible for what tasks.

Some adults are just better at organizing shopping and cooking than others. The jobs naturally fall to them and sometimes they shoulder too much of the responsibilities. This leads to resentments among adults, again taking them away from the kids.


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