Maintaining Healthy Friendships: What To Do When Your Kids Don’t Get Along With Her Kids


Untitled designShe is your oldest friend. You all have been inseparable since you were 9 years old. You know everything about her and she knows everything about you. She helped you through breakups, engagements, and pregnancy woes. She was the maid of honor in your wedding and she was there with flowers and a bottle of champagne the day your baby was born.

When your friend finally had her baby you immediately rushed over for a play date. While laying the babies down for tummy time you giggle and dream about the day when they will be best friends! Fast forward a few years later and it’s the exact opposite that has happened. To your surprise, your children could not be more different. They do not get along at all, play dates are a disaster, and the tension starts to grow between you and your closest friend.

What do you do when your children do not get along with your friends’ children, or your siblings’ children? What do you do when your weekly play date with your closest girlfriends turns into an awkward, stressful, battle that you dread going to?

No matter what the specific situation, it is never easy when your children don’t get along with someone you love and care about. For most moms, it brings up many unsettling, confusing feelings. On one hand, this person means the world to you, but on the other hand, your child always comes first. Is it possible to maintain your friendship while still keeping the kids best interest in mind?


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