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Kids’ self-help set includes the 2014 Indie Book Award Finalist (Parenting/Family Division) book, Blankie Bits, a My Blankie Bits Blankie™, security blanket and personalizable Blankie Bits keepsake box. All components are made in the USA! Blankie Bits helps kids help themselves and gives parents a guide for how to handle security blankets, or other security objects, as children grow.

I wrote Blankie Bits on my son’s ninth birthday. I am also a child psychologist and was unaware children grieve the lose of their security objects as they deteriorate. Blankie Bits chronicles the Boy from infancy, taking his Blankie everywhere, to when his Grammy tells the Boy many, many times about her Blankie and sews the Boy’s Blankie “right up,” to age nine when the boy learns how to sleep by himself without his Blankie. Finally, the Boy becomes a Grandpa sharing his Blankie stories with his Granddaughter and her Blankie.


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