Living Healthy Happy, LLC


Living Healthy Happy is a company dedicated to solving sleep issues for children, nutritional needs for families, and exercise advice for parents to bring out the happy in us all. Restful sleep, healthy eating, and fitness is important for our bodies and brains to function at their best and Living Healthy Happy is the company to help achieve that balance! Living Healthy Happy designs custom sleeping plans, nutritional advice, recipes, parenting tips, goal setting, and exercise ideas to guide people to the path of wellness and balance in a world full of over-full schedules and activities. Let Living Happy Healthy be your guide to wellness!

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My business journey began after my daughter was born and she’s the reason why I learned sleep deprivation is used as a torture technique. It sounds funny, but it definitely was not at the time!
After that experience I wanted to help other moms who might be experiencing the same problem and stop their misery sooner than mine was solved!

I became a certified sleep consultant and nutritionist to help other people find balance in their lives after having children. Health and wellness are extremely important to me and it is how we all can live healthy, happy lives! Thus, why I created Living Healthy Happy! It’s a great journey to be raising an amazing little girl and following my own dream of owning a business and dedicating myself to what I’m passionate about. I love helping other parents find balance in their lives and better sleep for their children!


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