Lively Copywriting


Staring at a blank page can be a tough place to be when you are on a deadline. No matter what you do, you just can’t find the right words to express your idea. Meanwhile, your deadline is approaching and you have another emergency to handle. Still a blank page staring at you. Now what?

My name is Terri Lively. I am a freelance copywriter based in California, and I am here to help get the right words on your blank page. While no job is too big or too small for me, I specialize in direct marketing projects, including:

Direct Mail Letters
Annual Reports
Web Pages
Email and Web Marketing Content
Radio and TV Commericials
And whatever else you can think up!

Sure, you can probably write your copy yourself, but at the expense of what? Chances are, you manage multiple priorities. Maximize your productivity by enlisting my help with your next writing project so you have more time to manage your other tasks.


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