Letting Children Take the Lead


Cute little boys playing with building blocksIt was late Friday afternoon. The children in my class were worn out from the long week, and from lost sleep the night before due to a booming thunderstorm that swept through the area. Since it was 3:00, I decided to give them a break and let the children have free choice. As a teacher, I’m sure I called it “workplaces” or “learning centers,” or something with an educational slant. I can’t have my students going home to tell their parents that they played in school!

Anyway, I brought out the toys that I provided for indoor recess or Friday afternoons such as this. After discussing the rules for the “workplaces” such as limiting the number of kids to 6 at each “learning center,” I brought out the goods. The kids swarmed over the Legos, which I placed on the carpet. Eager little hands tore open the cover of the storage box and began building ships, cars, and rockets. Next, I brought out multicolored construction paper with no directions of what to make or draw. The children could create anything they wanted.


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