Letter To The Girl With The Hello Kitty Window Decal


facesTo The Girl With The Hello Kitty Window Decal:

You don’t know me, but I’m sure you meet someone like me at least a few times every day, particularly with the way you drive. I’m the woman you almost crashed into at the stop sign in our neighborhood because I had the audacity to so rudely drive the speed limit. When you failed to get my attention, I became the woman and child you almost murdered as you whipped around my car, cutting me off only moments later in a screech of tires and loud jeers from your buddies. I’m the woman you flipped off in your haste to impress your immaturely young friends.

In your teenage youth you are ambivalent to the fact that other people exist and have lives outside of yours. It doesn’t matter that we all have somewhere to go; we all have someplace to be. Your destination clearly takes precendence, and my pokey, old woman driving obviously encroached on your haste.

It doesn’t matter to you that you nearly destroyed the life of my child and myself today. I’m guessing this isn’t the first juvenile, irrational decision you’ve made in your short driving career. You were too quick to heed the peer pressures from your friends to “get around me.”

Unfortunately, this won’t be your last bad driving decision. I won’t be your only near-casualty. Most likely, you won’t always be sober when you decide someone is in your way on the road.

But, I digress.

Let me take a moment to introduce myself, so that you can possibly stop to ponder reality—my reality. The lives you nearly snuffed out because you just had to “be cool” in your daddy-bought white car filled with teenage friends, and that Hello Kitty decal proudly displayed on your rearview window … which I saw as you screeched away on two wheels.

My name is Jaime; my son’s name is Conner. I’m 34, I’m a single mom, and just last week I was rear-ended by a 20-something year old boy who drove off after smashing into my vehicle. You see, like you, he was very self-involved. I already ran into you last week, but somehow survived that incident. You aren’t special in your speed, haste, inconsideration, or rudeness.



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