The Lessons of the Seasons


pfys hands with flowersIf we listen closely, we can hear a collective sigh escape the lips of those who see a light at the end of the tunnel of this long, arduous winter. The countless storms and frigid temperatures have taxed the patience of many and caused hardship for countless others. However, like every season, there are gifts to be found if we stop to look for them.

Snow days give families a break from their typically frenetic pace to bond over mornings filled with blueberry pancakes and hot chocolate. The tendency to reserve our energy and turn inward gives us the opportunity to share a warm fire and a cup of tea with a friend or the luxury to indulge in an afternoon nap. We get to observe the beauty of snow-covered pine trees dripping with icicles or laugh as we watch our pets frolic in the newly fallen snow. However, like all seasons, there is one constant theme and that is that everything changes. As each season morphs into its own, we experience its grandeur as well as its hardships. When we pause to look at the bigger picture, we know that each aspect serves a purpose in the balance of Mother Nature.

Our relationships change and transform just as the seasons do. There is a time for renewal and growth as well as time for introspection and contemplation. Our relationships, like the seasons, are in a constant state of change. In fact, it is our expectation that all of us should remain the same that causes us the most difficulty. Change is part of being alive and just like the stages of growth in a tree, there is time for rebirth and a time to branch out. There is a time to shed what no longer serves us as well as a time when we need to conserve our energy to prepare for the growth period ahead.

Our relationships need attention, care, compassion and love. We can weather storms of change, loss, and transition by knowing that sunnier days lie ahead if we remain grounded. The lessons of the seasons teach us patience, gratitude and acceptance. We take time to appreciate those in our lives understanding we are all going through our own growth processes and that we all need to be nurtured and cared for, just as a seedling does. We discover the beauty of the present moment knowing another is not guaranteed in the wake of forces beyond our control.

The lessons of the seasons offer us ways to view our relationships with wisdom and discernment, understanding on a profound level that change is part of growth, rebirth and transformation.

Jeanmarie Wilson is a seasoned parent and school counselor. Her book, Parenting From Your Soul, offers readers a way to raise secure, connected and emotionally healthy children living lives of purpose, joy and intention.  Information about Parenting From Your Soul can be found at


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